2019 Annalee AC Code of Conduct

Annalee AC Code of Conduct


Annalee AC Children’s Officers: Martina Sexton, Rob Murphy, Edel Kellegher, Lorraine O’Reilly, Sheila Donohoe.

Annalee AC wishes to provide a safe enjoyable environment for all athletes, coaches and officials alike. This document details the professional standards that the club expects athletes, parents and coaches to adhere to at all times. All Annalee AC athletes have rights, which must be respected, and a responsibility to treat fellow athletes and sports leaders with fairness and respect.

 Young athletes are entitled to:

  Be listened to, Be believed, Be safe and to feel safe, Be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect, Have a voice in the club Participate on an equal basis, Experience competition at a level at which they feel comfortable

Make complaints and have them dealt with sensitively through the appropriate channels Get help against bullies, Say no To protect their own bodies, Confidentiality

 Young athletes should always:

  Treat other club members with respect including coaches, athletes, parents and officials etc

Compete fairly at all times and do their best,

Respect team members and opponents and be gracious in defeat,

Behave in a manner that avoids bringing the sport of athletics into disrepute

Talk to the club’s designated children’s officers if they have any problems.

 Young athletes should never:

  Cheat    Use violence or physical contact that is not allowed within the rules

Shout or argue with officials or team mates Harm team members, opponents or their property

Bully or use bullying tactics to isolate another athlete or use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage

Take banned substances Keep secrets, especially if they themselves have been caused harm

Tell lies about adults / young people or spread untrue rumours

Parents Code of Conduct

I will respect the rules and procedures set down in Athletics Ireland’s Code of Ethics for Children’s Sport.

I will respect my child’s team-mates, leaders and club officials as well as all athletes, parents and coaches during coaching sessions and competitive events.

I will encourage my child to treat other athletes, coaches, selectors, officials and managers with respect.

I will never demonstrate threatening or abusive behaviour or use foul language.

Annalee AC Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches should:

  Be positive, bursting with enthusiasm giving deserved praise of both effort and results.

Plan and prepare appropriately for sessions recognising individual athletic developmental needs and the differing physical and social maturity rates of all athletes.

Put the welfare of the young person first, strike a balance between this and winning, encouraging fair play, treat participants equally.

Have completed a minimum of basic level of athletics coaching courses and continue to be progressive in coach education

Communicate effectively with team managers, parents and club officials

Complete all necessary safe guarding procedural courses and update this regularly including modern Garda vetting procedures.

 Coaches should not:

  Use any form of punishment or physical force on a child or exert undue influence over a participant in order to obtain personal benefit or reward.

Engage in rough physical games, sexually provocative games or allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any kind, and/or make sexually suggestive comments about, or to a child.

Take measurements or engage in certain types of fitness testing without the presence of another adult.

Undertake any form of therapy (hypnosis etc) in the training of children.

 © Miriam Griffin 2012